The strength of a Pomegranate

Perhaps you’ve heard Oprah Winfrey share her love of the pomegranate, or you know how good it is for you. This seedy fruit is known as a miracle drug for aging, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s, historically is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. For me it’s a story much different.

The first time I ate a pomegranate was on a business meeting and the quest of a man I hardly knew in another state, sprinkled over a bed of lettuce on a crystal plate. As I bit my teeth into the red seeds, I spoke about it being my first time to taste such a sweet flavor.

The man seemed to think that this $1.50 garnish to his salad, a glass of wine, and his charm was all that was needed to seal the deal. Little did he know that it would take more than a pomegranate to convince me that his resume and qualifications met my standards?

The pomegranate had enough antioxidants, crunch, tartness, and graces of knowledge which were never mention before in the study of the historical fruit, that lead me to face off with this man. Although I was under lock and key, I came out spotless much like the Ancient Egyptians believed. If you tuck away a pomegranate in a tomb it would insure ones safety. I am forever grateful to the pomegranate for the stylish touch it adds to ones consciousness.