Link 2 Link

When you think of a fellow who has been in the game since he was a kid, the name Mel Love is the name that would comes to mind. Ms Peggy met him back in the 90’s postin’ the street with flyers, hittin’ the clubs rappin’, and in the major labels work shit jobs to blow up some of the major player we all know in the game. He even ended up in Ms Peggy’s office in New York City on 38th and Boardway, chillin’ with her people. If you want to know someone who’s been their done that and knows what’s up; it is Link 2 Link. He was the Man who Linked everybody up. Back in the days you may remember him as a model for some of the biggest names in the industry. He is an engineer, a beat maker, a promoter, a performer, an artist, a natural actor, and Ms Peggy’s friend.

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