Legally Loaded Press Release

Press Release: For the Love of Music Get Legally Loaded®! For personal information: call (570) 553-2459 SECC would like to thanks you in advance for reading this press release. Breaking News: Ms. Peggy is a 73 year old freestyle rapper. Performing on stage is nothin’ new for Ms. Peggy who traveled over the years with […]

Business Trash

The Bush years drove the economy to the point that there were piles of trash, or junk, or sh**, dumped on the lap of the American people and President Barack Obama. I think of two 18-wheelers ready to clean up what was left behind. Republicans and Democrats tossing junk. Everyone knows a team effort gets […]

Saving Money

There’s two places where people could teach the rest of us how to save money, No.1 San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley and No.2 is Long Island’s Nassau Suffolk counties, just east of New York.


Almost everyone I know is on Facebook. Millions of users befriended the Facebook web site and marketed it to become the premier social networking and emailing center it is today. What happens when you sign up and click “OK I agree to the rules?” Bet you thought the rules couldn’t change? Users it seems expected […]

90% STD’s in Jail

In an upstate jail 90% of the inmates tested positive for one or more sexually transmitted disease, said the Health Department official. However, inmates aren’t getting disease from each other; instead, many suffer from untreated STD’s. Legislature renewed a grant to pay for the disease testing.


Companies like ebay made it possible for Internet users to buy and sell most anything online. Its customer base is huge and worldwide. It is ebay that at times utilizes customers’ time encouraging them to shop. Even if the person doesn’t need the sh**, they’ll buy it thinking they do. I want to believe ebay […]

Stardust Spacecraft

The name Spolar was placed in NASA’s Comet Stardust Spacecraft. Microchips were installed and launched on February 7, 1999. Chips were mounted inside the return capsule and returned back to earth with the capsule when it landed. The capsule landed back to earth on January 15, 2006 in Utah. The chips were transported to reside […]

Drug Companies, Court Doctors

In a report from the New England Journal of Medicine a national survey showed that 94% of doctors surveyed had some form of relationship with the drug industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers spend over 7 billion a year on gifts to doctors and health care professional. Information on doctors and what is being prescribed tells the manufactures […]