Legally Loaded Press Release

Press Release: For the Love of Music Get Legally Loaded®!

For personal information: call (570) 553-2459

SECC would like to thanks you in advance for reading this press release.

Breaking News: Ms. Peggy is a 73 year old freestyle rapper. Performing on stage is nothin’ new for Ms. Peggy who traveled over the years with her many clients. At age 70 Ms Peggy performed in New Orleans for three days tailgating with the group Concrete Barbeque™ performing during Superbowl weekend spreading the word about Legally Loaded®.

The urban community gives respect to Ms. Peggy as a rapper. A mother, grandmother, and great grandmother knows how to wear many hats. She is a producer, artist, CEO of 5 corporations. A 73 year old in technology which is the rarest of rare for a woman and is the personal manager of the stars. Ms Peggy is a Philly girl Rockin’ on Spolarized® hittin’ the streets wit a mike in her hand Legally Loaded®…

Ms Peggy performes wearing Legally Loaded® eye strips by Eye Black and Legally Loaded® clothing designed by Ridge and manufactured by Core Garment Solutions during the Superbowl. Usually during Ms Peggy’s performances and when she’s giving speeches she’ll wear ribbons on her should in honor of the rich and the poor who crossed her door along with many families and corporations who stand behind her, those who believe in humanity and a better world for all.

Ms. Peggy is the Spolarized® Dope-A-Mean fix for the Love of Music and is the living testimony of a survivor and how to over come personal tragedies in the world of music. Ms. Peggy was born a rocker and chilled on the set of American Bandstand as a young girl. Ms Peggy was cheated out of her musical work and for the sake of her golden note her baby vanished. Ms. Peggy grew to be an electrically energized woman.

Dangerous Doors: At the ripe old age of 49 Ms Peggy headed out the door of her Estate leaving her family for the unknown and has never looked back. Ms. Peggy has seen just about everything in the world of entertainment. Ms. Peggy is the living proof of having true grit by choosing to live a few years in the trenches with the urban community learning street sense and the combination of hip-hop and fraud in the game. Ms. Peggy has the backbone and persistence to gain the trust of people throughout all walks of life. Ms. Peggy gives it to everyone straight up and for some reason they can’t seem to get enough of her rappin’ in the raw on stage.

Today, Ms. Peggy gets respect from major players in the entertainment industry as a business woman on top of her game. Should you ever be on a street corner and this blonde offers you her hand rappin’, take hold of it; it could be the ride of your life.

Business Trash

The Bush years drove the economy to the point that there were piles of trash, or junk, or sh**, dumped on the lap of the American people and President Barack Obama. I think of two 18-wheelers ready to clean up what was left behind. Republicans and Democrats tossing junk. Everyone knows a team effort gets the job done quicker.

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Saving Money

There’s two places where people could teach the rest of us how to save money, No.1 San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley and No.2 is Long Island’s Nassau Suffolk counties, just east of New York.

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Almost everyone I know is on Facebook. Millions of users befriended the Facebook web site and marketed it to become the premier social networking and emailing center it is today. What happens when you sign up and click “OK I agree to the rules?” Bet you thought the rules couldn’t change? Users it seems expected Facebook to offer them electronic privacy. Users uploaded photos from weekend parties, coed strip beer pong tournaments, and used unsuitable language.

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90% STD’s in Jail

In an upstate jail 90% of the inmates tested positive for one or more sexually transmitted disease, said the Health Department official. However, inmates aren’t getting disease from each other; instead, many suffer from untreated STD’s. Legislature renewed a grant to pay for the disease testing.

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Companies like ebay made it possible for Internet users to buy and sell most anything online. Its customer base is huge and worldwide. It is ebay that at times utilizes customers’ time encouraging them to shop. Even if the person doesn’t need the sh**, they’ll buy it thinking they do. I want to believe ebay has made it so tantalizing, like many other sites, that many dinners have gotten cold waiting on someone to come to the table. It is ebay that can execute 100 million transactions at any given time. At many conventions I get to see ebay representatives working the floor to keep the company strong and consumers happy.
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Stardust Spacecraft

The name Spolar was placed in NASA’s Comet Stardust Spacecraft. Microchips were installed and launched on February 7, 1999. Chips were mounted inside the return capsule and returned back to earth with the capsule when it landed. The capsule landed back to earth on January 15, 2006 in Utah. The chips were transported to reside in Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas on January 17, 2006. A chip is mounted in the spacecraft body and will remain in space forever.
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Drug Companies, Court Doctors

In a report from the New England Journal of Medicine a national survey showed that 94% of doctors surveyed had some form of relationship with the drug industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers spend over 7 billion a year on gifts to doctors and health care professional. Information on doctors and what is being prescribed tells the manufactures who to visit and offer incentives. Currently, legislation is before State Senate to ban the action of profiling data and for doctors to prescribing drugs based on the patients best interests.
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