Executive Cafe

From the jump, the Spolarized® Executive Café™ was a hard task to do, to tell it how it is. Focus on truth. Politicin’ has never changed my opinion. Nothing at all could change my mind of what I learned over time.

It would be safe to say this CEO started with a song and formed her first office on an ironing board with a pay phone in Queens. Gaining street sense from her collection of connections she piled on her doorstep. She applied to the walls of her estate those who crossed her path. The rich and the poor enter her door.

She states her philosophy as a simple one. “Most people dream for themselves. I, however, dream the dreams of others.” She uses music as her personal, inner, healing physician. She uses her electrical energy to stay young, and her body’s harmony to function that is her divinity into space. This CEO believes that you won’t be perfect and you will always have flaws. However, Spolarized is the classical touch to a transition rush. It could be the ride of your life – an express ticket pass the zero zone.

The excerpts below are from my journals which include the people that are a part of the fabric of the joys and sorrows of building an empire.

executive cafe

Welcome to Executive Cafe!