80 Year Old Rapper Peggy Spolar is about to take over the Rap game, she is a legendary Philly Girl

PHILADELPHIA – Oct. 14, 2022 – PRLog — Peggy Spolar caught the attention of one of Chris Brown’s music producers, “When I heard Peggy rap, it was flashing lights and sirens, her lyrics flowed effortlessly, I sat in awe, saying what just happened, never have I heard anyone like Peggy before” DY

They say legends are made, Peggy Spolar is a remarkable story, near 80 years young she is one of the most exciting Female MC’S on the planet, Her rap delivery is like rapid machine gun fire. You have to hear it to believe it, her lyrics are as deadly as cyanide,
tearing through weak MC’S and blazing a path to achieve her ultimate goal. Peggy possesses the swag and skills to motivate a nation.

Just like her namesake, her goal is to “Spolarize” the entire country, city by city touching everyone with her amazing talent as one of the best rappers that have been hidden in the shadows for decades. Just like fine wine, she has aged with time. Now the world is about to be Energized with A Legally Loaded Spolarized Experience. In order to fully understand how remarkable and skillful Ms. Peggy is, we have included some history on this remarkable rap icon. The insight is told in the words of the highly decorated Dr. Mark Steinhoff who is a remarkable story himself.

“Ms. Peggy is livin’ proof that comin’ from nothin’ doesn’t mean you can’t be something. She is an Electrically Energized Woman who has sat at the table of some of the largest companies and law firms in the world. Ms. Peggy chilled on the set of American Bandstand as a young girl with Bill Haley’s Comets.

She gets respect from major players in the entertainment industry as a businesswoman on top of her game. She was befriended by members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Nelly’s Camp, Don King’s Family, both the Jackson and Motown Families, and Easy Mo Bee; The list is endless. There’s one thing they all can agree on. Ms. Peggy is the “Spolarized Dope-A-Mean” fix for people to be able to “Stand to Their Feet as a Masterpiece” regardless of the shoe they’re in and rise above their obstacles. The urban community gives respect to this mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother rapper who has shown true grit by learning the streets and the corruption within the entertainment industry.”

Download Peggy Spolar’s Rap joint and get her Book on her website>

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