Shoe Fetish

Yep one of my fetishes. Those who wear high heel shoes should ask themselves “whom am I trying to please?” One thing’s for sure: it’s not your feet! Women have more knee surgeries than men do. Why? It’s not usually ‘cause they’re playing sports; it’s because their hips are so groovy and women swing them, […]

I think it’s time to cut teens some slack

You may not realize why teenagers do stupid things, however, after raising plenty of them, I’ve learned it’s not their fault. A teenager’s brain isn’t finished developing till way after the 20th birthday. I suppose this means that we should cut some slack. The part of the dorsal lateral pre-frontal cortex takes a while to […]

Women Prefer a Certain Type of Man

Women prefer and are attracted to men who help around the house. Men who hang up their clothes, who cook and help with dishes, who take out the trash, clean up the bath room when their done, and wash their car. These type of men gain extra bonus points from the ladier…

Bug Bites

Living with a man who loves gadgets has helped him deal with those ultrasound creatures, like mosquitoes, that the rest of us seem to hate. I believe it’s the rubber skin he developed from working 24-7 outside. Using bug spray helps to some degree, however, if you get bit remember to apply ice, eh!

Snow and More Snow.

Syracuse NY gets precipitation 174 days a year with an average of 120 inches of snow. This ranks it the most for a city of its size in the nation.

Fear of Thunderstorms…

Stop wondering how close a thunderstorm is and start counting every 5 seconds between the sight of lighting and the sound of thunder as 1 mile. If there’s 20 seconds that means the lightening is 4 miles away. However, don’t think you’re safe, because bolts can come out of thunderclouds and strike up to 10 […]

Street-Sense Makes Sense

Most researchers agree chatting helps improve brainpower. Studies conclude that the more social you are, the more talking and interact with other people you do, the higher your mental function will be.

A Starry Night

A bright starry night, as beautiful as they are, is usually a cool night. On a cloudy night the clouds act as a blanket and keep the heat closer to earth. Although we think of Florida as a sunny place, Arizona actually gets more sunshine. So remember if you want it cooler, wish for stars, […]

Cloud Bugs

Microscopic bugs may have hitched a ride with Charles Lindbergh. The way I travel, more than likely a few bugs hitched a ride with me. Did you ever think of clouds as having life? These bugs might be different forms of bacteria, fungi, and algae; they need to be doing something while they’re waiting for […]

Over-the-Counter Drugs

The misuse of over-the-counter drugs causes 178,000 hospitalization a year. Avoid drugs that have the same active ingredients. Exceeding the recommended dosage to wipe out pain can effect your major organs.