Aaron Braunstein & Olivia

Father of the actress Natasha Lyonne. She stared in such films as “A Man Called Surge”, or perhaps you remember “American Pie 1 and 2.” Aaron was a boxing promoter.

When I needed a break from my office on 38th in NYC, or a laugh, Aaron’s office down the block is where I’d head. It was nothing to hear phones ringing, while the stock exchange rolled across the computer screen. The office had many colorful bottoms. It was nothing to sit hours chatting, drinking fifty cent coffee from the corner vendor.

Aaron was always pushing me to be his agent. Aaron taught me how to keep gloves on in tight situations. Aaron is the host of Talkline Communications Network and can be heard over airways in many a cities, including NYC. Guest featured on Talkline range from president (Clinton) to prime ministers. Like it or not this “Jewish Shock Jock” always gives it to you straight up. In his own element, his home, his hard a** softens some when he slips out of his suit jacket. Olivia Alive™ and Arron chillin’ outside my office in NYC.