Frank Stallone

Nothing could educate you in the world of music faster than a pro. Meeting Frank and sharing with him during a Donald Trump event was my pleasure. I always related the name Stallone with Rocky, most people would. What an opportunity it was to sit with Frank and his dad, whom I knew little about.

I had all the reason in the world to want to know Frank, aside from owning my own label. Hell, for years I listened to his music blasting from my cellar walls. Every day after school my twin sons would lifted weights, while listening to the Rocky soundtracks. I should have known one day a Rocky would be running around my estate. When my second grandson was born, my son named him Rocky.

It was obvious to the hospital that a star was born. We played Rocky’s theme songs and decorated the bassinet in the nursery at the hospital, with photos from the Rocky movies. As you would imagine our Rocky was never wet. The nurses loved all the attention they were getting from this infant. What struck me most about Frank and his family was how much they sound alike, and how gifted they all are.