Comfort, Energy, Venison

Comfort Foods

There are foods that make us feel comfortable. That doesn’t mean they’re good for us. Most women choose a sugar treat high in fat to console their emotions. Lower sugar or healthier choices can include: a granola bar, piece of fruit or a yogurt as a treat.

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The strength of a Pomegranate

Perhaps you’ve heard Oprah Winfrey share her love of the pomegranate, or you know how good it is for you. This seedy fruit is known as a miracle drug for aging, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s, historically is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. For me it’s a story much different.

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Pets, Dirt and Kissing

Pets are the image of you.

It’s time to take a look at your dog. It’s more than a coincidence says the results of a 2004 study at University of California. Our dog is a mirror of us and reflects our personalities. Our pets reflect to people what the person is really like on the end of their leash.

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Generation of Changes

I was born before the baby boomer, between 1946 and 1994. As a young child I chose to have my own identity rather than follow the crowd. I didn’t think like the baby boomers that it was cool to belong to the Mickey Mouse Club. However, I did adore Elvis. I wasn’t smart enough to jump on my dad’s Harley Davidson cycle and go with my parents to the first Woodstock. I was however, smart enough not to smoke after viewing cigarette ads everywhere.

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I found it odd that a spice would have a person’s name. I bought it for that fact alone, ‘cause I knew nothing about the spice. Once home, I opened it and took a sniff. Wow! I couldn’t wait to cook with it. So I began by asking gardeners about the spice. I had no idea why I wanted to use the stuff. I just knew the scent was strange enough to want a second sniff. It was something about the smell that intrigued me.

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Tomatoes, Honey and Napping


Long before so many studies on how to make tomatoes look bright red and juicy, long before they had so much puffery on how good they may or may not be for you, I was experimenting with them. I’ve grown thousands of tomatoes in the past 50 years, from seed and from plants in nurseries, raising all shapes and sizes. I’ve canned them, made jelly with them, produced all kinds of dips and sauces, and ate them from the plants.

Lycopene, the red carotenoid pigment, has been of interest in most studies. That ingredient may fight off cancer. Studies generally agree that when you increase the color it has a tendency to reduce the vitamin A content. If all that matters to you is whether tomatoes may reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer, than you’ve got a long wait till everyone agrees. However, what if the studies done on tomatoes ends up right, and you haven’t eaten your fair share to stay healthy? I say, you have missed the zest they offer and the experience of biting into them. The exalted tomato shows its quality by erupting enough juice to escape your mouth, in which case the tomato enjoys a laugh.

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