The CEO Elijah Polk of E&I met Ms. Peggy at Magic the worlds largest fashion event in Vegas. The two hit it off and got to know each other better after a talent event in which they shared their hearts desires. Ms. Peggy learned the CEO’s children is how the company’s name E&I came to be. She sees him as a father who knows what it is to be a dad. He runs his company like a pro and much like Ms. Peggy, he doesn’t have time for bullsh**.     

E&I has multi contacts in multi areas to develop any artist that comes along to get them to the next level. Ms. Peggy works closely with Elijah to insure his large network gets the assistants needed to step it up whenever possible. Anyone needing distribution for their music should hit up E&I who can distribute your music through Get Legally Loaded or click on the Download button and by your music from a source you can trust.