Spolar Inc.

We have the advantage and creativity to provide companies with strategies to adapt and succeed in entertainment and the corporate world. It has built an empire that shows how media programming, talent, syndication, film, music, animation, publishing, celebrities, internet and other technologies are all crossovers. This enables clients to leverage the power of the media and put it to use. Spolar Inc has the ability to find investment opportunities for many projects.

Spolar Inc. oversees marketing, licensing, product placement and promotion for each client, with distribution channels for each project that we are affiliated with.

Spolar Inc. schedules planning and time management strategies for each of our clients and we exercise brain storming techniques. We structure work getting done through formulas that work best. We know the difference between what’s in and what’s over the horizon. We understand how top notch graphics, music and sound effects contribute to a successful production.

Spolarized® Entertainment Group

We are affiliated with award winning professionals. Our staff understands the importance of using action and changeable situations in a feature. We understand how each film feature must have something worthwhile to say to its audience. We evaluate indie filmmakers who are ready to apply their skills and create their dreams. We have distribution avenues in US markets as well as overseas.

Spolarized® Records Corp.

We are a full service record company. We provide management and development for artists. Our team of experts identifies all genres of music including R&B, Gospel, Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop. Our company has established a network of producers and writers who will assist you in the development of your musical work. We place music in motion picture soundtracks, and have avenues of distribution. We’re affiliated with a production studio with overnight accommodations.

Spolarized® Music BMI

We service all songwriters and composers. We are always looking to add serious writers to our roster. Artists’ music registered within our publishing company roster is sent to companies looking for music to use in motion picture, for TV Networks, and E Entertainment Television Channel, etc. BMI considers a radio feature performance of a popular song to be one which lasts 90 seconds or more and which is the sole sound broadcast at the time of performances. BMI makes separate payments for four categories of radio feature performances: commercial radio, classical radio, college radio, and National public radio.

Patents and Licensing

Spolarized Entertainment Collection Corp (SECC): SECC is the research center and development center for all patents and licensing. It’s our manufacturing company and a technology source, and the forecast assessment company. The Spolar twins have proven themselves to be uniquely qualified to carry out the formula for success as inventors. They understand what it takes to move new products into the marketplace. We offer clients avenues of distribution for successful products.

Outside Support

Occasionally, the company uses outside advisors, engineers and technical support. Every day new providers are entering the industry with a “great savings” claim. Outside support offers a greater opportunity to develop at lower rates without sacrificing quality. Our goal ensures clients that they are receiving the most effective services from each of our outside support staff with the most affordable rates. One such provider is leader in high quality engineering design and custom injection molding. He is responsible for many of the products we use today such as computer air duct housing, fluorescent light covers, telecommunications contact housings, dental X-ray machine components, electrical switches, and hundreds of other products that service all of us. Generations of Spolars have been structuring the way we live.

Spolar Inc. Services

Spolar Inc. offers manufacturing and distribution channels for all your needs, including but not limited to entertainment, communications and technical markets. We offer patents, and investment opportunities, as well as personal management. We draw upon highly qualified business and industry professionals in US markets and in other countries to assist in making appropriate decisions in taking the most effective action suitable for your daily needs.

Spolar Internet Connection

Our web site is a feeding frenzy for surfers, where they can shop for all their needs while traveling in cyber space. It’s also a place where surfers learn, What’s Up? It’s a place where surfers can hook up for their own web site through our strategic partners. It’s a place where surfers can “Rock with the Sun.”