Black Eyed Peas

APL.DE.AP offers a smile every time he sees someone knew standing around him. WILL.I.AM is a guy who acts like the rest of us, normal. If you want to know a guy who enjoys creating music in the studio, he’d your guy. Most people would agree, that those who work the conventions and the tours for Black Eyed Peas, are cordial.

However, when it comes to Fergies management team things are slightly different. When a management team comes under question for their actions, they’ll more than likely give excuses to their clients. Fergies management lady, whom I haven’t met, doesn’t return calls. Makes me wonder how many deals Fergie may of missed, eh! How many times are you expected to call a manager before she returns a call? After three or four times you get the message why bother. I always wait a few weeks’ in-between calls to managers in case their traveling and the message got erased. In my case the four tries were with an answering machine and a live person.

black eyed peas