Damon Dash

Back in the 90’s when Damon was lookin’ to put his feet firmly on the ground, back when he needed friends to help him out, I met Damon. I asked him to listen to my first rap music. He said, “what the hell do you need me for? You’re almost there. You can do this yourself.” I never did figure out what the hell he meant. It was obvious that I was a learner and could use a little help.

On my way out of the office, I thought I’d mention the new designed Rockawear shirt, he was so proudly sportin’. Although I was somewhat green in hip-hop, I know a lot about intellectual property matters. So I offered him some good advice. His designed line was missing the most important part, the trademark. He said, “I’m ready to press thousands more. Gee, thanks for savin’ my a**. I’ll get right on that.”

Damon may or may not say hi when I see him at events. I’ve never gotten an invite to any of Damon’s events over the years. However, Jay Z’s camp has always been cordial to this old lady.

There’s something to be said about those who supported Damon to the top. office on 38th & 8th in NYC. A place where they were always welcome.

Years later when I was filming my production the workers never forgot this old lady in need. To my surprise a package arrived on the set filled with Rockawear. It was in honoring Jay that the workers sent the package. They knew Jay wouldn’t have had it any other way.