Calvin Lang & Greg Stevens: The Giants

Two big men. I met them while I was in Vegas at the “Magic Show.” They were modeling for a men’s clothing line. The two men have been partnered to model for a clothing manufacturer who created a line of clothing for them, which lead to a sponsorship. Over the years I built a relationship with these giants.

Greg is 7ft. 4in. – a steeple weighing in at 340lbs. A sweetie. Always ready to whisper in my ear what I ask him straight up. He doesn’t miss much since he stands over everyone around him. He’s been offered acting jobs along with many ventures throughout the years. However, Greg’s main focus has always out weighed stepping into the entertainment world, over being a loving son, brother and family member, one any mother would be proud to call a son. Greg is a rare authentic serene monarch who walks planet earth as gentle giant.

Calvin on the other hand, is a 7ft 6 in. – a tower weighing in at 400lbs. Calvin has had his hand in darn near everything. Like most giants in a fairy tale, he’s had his days as an amateur boxer, he’s worked as a bouncer, has a black belt in Karate, spent four years in the Marine’s, and bench-presses his weight. Calvin has traveled to many countries, acted in commercials, has been in many movies and was the man in the suit for the movie “The Predator.” Calvin has a foundation called Calvin’s Kids. When you think of storybook giants as being