Eggs, Protein, Emper

Eggs for the Brain

Eggs offer a balance of essential amino acids and help your body to manufacture brain chemicals.

Digestible Protein

Eggs are a good source of easily digestible protein. Eggs have a reputation for cholesterol. However, the body produces 80% of your cholesterol, regardless of what you eat. Some people discard the yolk because it contains cholesterol, but lecithin is found in the yolk, which helps prevent egg cholesterol. Some people are allergic to eggs. Never eat a cracked egg. Keep refrigerated. Disease control figures only one egg in every 30,000 is contaminated with salmonella and that if you’re healthy it’s not a big deal. The Spolars love eggnog. Eat all foods in moderation.

Emper Contest

Grandpa raised chickens. Therefore, we had plenty of eggs, which started a tradition call Emper. You boil and color an egg. Then challenge a neighbor to Emper.

You hold the egg in your hand so that only the point is showing. The neighbor takes his egg and hits his point to yours, hoping to crack your egg. Then you turn each egg around and repeat with the butt of the egg. You continue till one of the ends of the egg is without a crack, he or she is the winner. The contest proves to the neighbor that you know how to make good choices. You chose the stronger egg.