Comfort, Energy, Venison

Comfort Foods

There are foods that make us feel comfortable. That doesn’t mean they’re good for us. Most women choose a sugar treat high in fat to console their emotions. Lower sugar or healthier choices can include: a granola bar, piece of fruit or a yogurt as a treat.

Men on the other hand are more likely to choose meats or power dishes, to make them feel more in control or less emotional.

Positive Energy

Those who have positive energy are those who are more likely to eat healthy. When you eat, ask yourself what made you choose the food you’re eating. Choose healthy foods.

The Spolar family enjoys healthy foods. Try preparing pork, beef, veal, lamb, and poultry, seasoned with herbs. Baking, roasting, or grilling are the healthiest ways to cook meats.

Choose meats with little fat and skinless chicken. Always remember small portions.

Did you say you wanted venison for dinner?

There was a time when we thought a hotdog was a luxury. Deer meat was all we had to eat.

Deer season taught us a few things over the years. First off, when deer hunting, learn how to dodge those bullets! Secondly, deer’s have many ticks. So we had to be extra cautious – so not to take home those buggers or we could catch that dreaded lime disease.

The good news is that deer have little fat. We learned to make our best shot count, so we could get back home before we got frost bitten. And if we missed a deer, someone would cut off your shirt tail. What was once considered meat for unsophisticated people, is now sold as beef jerky In the grocery store!


Your choice should always be to drink things that are not carbonated. Drink 100% fruit juices. However, I don’t see anything wrong with switching it up with a carbonated drink during a party or celebration. Spolar’s choice is Coke.

When Coke first came out all I wanted was to taste it. However, we were very poor and couldn’t afford to buy one. One day I came home from school very sad. My grandma Mary questioned what was wrong. I told her I made a wish upon a store that day that was selling Coke, for a taste of the choice drink of children my age.

She than took me by the hand and lead me to her magical water pump in the backyard. She handed me a glass and began to pump the pump. I held the glass under the spout to catch the water as it came out. It looked pretty much like water till grandma took a spoon from her pocket and began to stir the water. Like magic the water turned into a coke before my eyes. Grandma sure convinced me that we were not really that poor.

When I was growing up and had a bellyache, my mommy would give me a teaspoon of pure coke syrup and it made me feel better.

Something’s Fishy

Fish should be prepared by broiling, baking or grilling.

When using oil remember to use olive oil. Olive oil is considered to be a more healthful cooking oil because of its high content of monounsaturated fat which also include oleic acid and polyphones. Basically it’s good fat. Low in saturated fat.

Always use good hygiene when you are cooking. Make sure you wash your hands before and after touching meats, especially poultry. Don’t use wooden cutting boards or wooden utensils for meats. Clean all surfaces that meat has touched with antibacterial soap when you are finished.