The Big CEO Ms Peggy
A great grandmother named Peggy Spolar (aka) Ms Peggy, who’s an Inventor and Rapper trademarked the sun many moons ago, calling it Spolarized®. She then left her estate to live in the trenches under cover through the 90’s to learn the way to stop corruption with her technology, calling it Get Legally Loaded™!

A wish is made reality for this CEO
Many law firms, a group of believers and celebrities, corporations with licensed products, artists, DJ’s, promoters, record pools, and 56 licensees of her trademarks and Legally Loaded system who believed in humanity, stand behind her as an inventor of technology and as a rapper. Ms. Peggy is changing the lives of others with her trademarks Spolarized® and Get Legally Loaded™. Ms Peggy has opened a gateway for everyone to recognize that by coming together as achievers, they’ll never be cheated again out of what is monetarily owed them on a physical product or a cyber space product using the technology she invented. Using her system of technology an author, an artist, a movie production company, a sport event, a concert, a venue, or any product sold will know the fan or user in real time of the brand, product or service who made them rich and famous. It’s time for the fans to get recognition for makin’ millionaires, says Ms Peggy.

Venture With Us A Little Deeper Into Ms Peggy’s Story
Ms Peggy, who is in her early 70’s, is livin’ proof that “comin’ from nothin’, doesn’t mean you can’t be something”©! Perhaps, if it wasn’t for the “Margaret Factor” she wouldn’t have been an inventor or a rapper. In first grade she told her mother the name Margaret was to long, so her mother told her she’d fix it. Her mother insisted the school call her Peggy. On the first day of school her teacher insisted she go one row ahead of the blacks in the back. The teacher said, “I’ll call on you once a day and never look back; you are only going to grow up to be a ditz.” Little did this teacher know that this child would grow to be an electrical energized woman who would sit at the table of some of the largest companies CEO’s and law firms in the world.

Ms Peggy the Freestyle Rapper
Ms Peggy was born a rocker. Ms Peggy chilled on the set of American Bandstand as a young girl with Bill Haley’s Comets. Today, however, Ms Peggy enjoys the world of rap. Ms Peggy gets respect from major players in the entertainment industry as a business woman on top of her game. Ms Peggy’s had her share of props rhyming free style for industry professionals such as Outcast, Master P., Tupac’s family, Lil Pippin’, and the Dogg Pound. She was befriended by members of the Nelly’s Camp, Wu Tang Clan, the Don King family, the Jackson family, the Motown family, DJ Red Alert, Kool Herk, Easy Mo Bee, Nubian Mob Ice Water; the list is endless. There’s one thing they all can agree on and that is, “This White Bitch Crazy”™.

Dangerous Doors: In 1994 Ms Peggy headed out the door of her Estate leaving her family for the unknown and has never looked back.
Ms Peggy’s personal life tragedies of a cover-up, the untold true-life-fairy of a child cheated out of her musical work and for the sake of her golden note her baby vanished. It is what led her on a mission. She is the living testimony of a survivor. Over the last 20 years Ms Peggy’s mission led her through what most would consider “Dangerous Doors” crossing paths with murderers, gangs, drug dealers, robbers, prostitutes, addicts, rapist and child molesters. Ms Peggy is the Spolarized Dope-A-Mean fix for people to be able to “Stand to Their Feet as a Masterpiece” regardless of the shoe their in and rise above their obstacles.

The secret Ms Peggy says, is knowing that the “Streets of Gold Live in the Soul” a rock song she wrote as a child about freedom.
The urban community gives respect to this mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who has shown true grit by learning the streets and the corruption within the entertainment industry in order to invent a new system to stop corruption. The rich and the poor have crossed her door. She had the backbone and persistence to gain the trust of people throughout all walks of life. Ms Peggy gives it to everyone straight up and for some unknown reason people can’t seem to get enough of her in the raw. Should you ever be on a street corner and this blonde offers you her hand, take hold of it; it could be the ride of your life.

Ms Peggy the Businesswomen
Throughout her entrepreneurial career she has held various roles including CEO of her corporations. Ms Peggy has been a consultant and a motivational speaker for corporations and organizations for years. Her presentations are an effort to increase awareness of a person’s capabilities and their chance to succeed. She has traveled on a testimonial campaign for her vision to hundreds of conventions and events. Most everyone who knows her wish they had her endurance. She is the epitome of how to shine the star that you are.

Producer, Screenwriter, and Director Gives Credit
Ms Peggy began her movie interest on the set with the Burns boys during the filming of the first production of Miramax. Ms Peggy credits her teacher president of Bravo Entertainment for some of her best learning experiences in film.
Ms Peggy was an invited guest at the Trump Mar-A-Lago for “A Night with the Stars” in which Ms Peggy credits Frank Stallone for his generosity sharing the art of music.

Ms Peggy credits her attorney for his services in protecting her trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Ms Peggy is the screenwriter of a full length movie based on the story of her life. Ms Peggy is the screenwriter, executive producer and director of the TV show “My Backyard” which aired on Time Warner and generated capital from advertisers. She is the owner and director for the TV show “The Entrepreneur Next Door” which was shot on State University of New York.