A person’s dream doesn’t happen without some form of struggle. For some the struggle is more intense. Everyone would like to believe one day their dream will come true. In the music industry like many industries or if you’re just trying to secure a good job; it takes more than dream or luck. A dream helps you to keep believing in yourself and “Broke” sure believed in his dream of one day being discovered.

It would be safe to say Ms Peggy plucked him off a street corner amazed by such natural talent. She knew she found gold locked up inside this young street lad once she heard his verses and writing abilities. She ask him to perform for her, once again he shined. She realized he had true grit from the street and would be worth her time and money. His rhymes were about real life situations in which he had lived and his hooks were insane. He is the proof of hard work and staying focus could pay off.

Ms Peggy’s been in the industry since the 50’s and Bandstand and has worked with many pros in the game. She put Broke in Kalina’s studio and Kalina’s dropped Broke a beat. Broke instantly mounted the beat hard core. Kalina was amazed on two takes that we were done. Broke’s vocal cords are seasoned from spittin’ in street gravel where the tar gets it’s heat from his feet trottin’ spittin’ knowledge speaks and wisdom listens.” Best believe Ms Peggy wasn’t gonna pass this gifted young man up. Broke has performed at events, venues, in videos, and conventions. Ms Peggy is his business manager, his label, and his publisher.

Three cheers to a young man who believed in his skill and talent as a rapper…

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