Bow Wow

It just so happened, that I was called in to film a music video at a live event at Disney. Bow Wow was one of the acts. It was during the time when he was still called Lil’ Bow Wow. Perhaps you remember in the early 90’s when it was fashionable, for rappers to have one hand grabin’ their crotches.

Lila’ Bow Wow came out on stage with Jarmaine Dupi in fashion with a mike in his one hand and his other hand in his pants. Jermaine walked over and began to question Bow Wow’s actions. He stated, it didn’t look good for a kid to pull on his crotch, and he asks where Bow Wow learned such a habit. Bow Wow replied he learned it from the best. Jermaine ask, “who might that be?”. Bow Wow replied, “you Jermaine”.