Easy Mo Bee

In the world of hip-hop beats, here’s a handle to be honored. Mo Bee’s instrumentation is the wallop for classic platinum.

Just a few artists he’s worked with: Tupac, Alicia Keys, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J., Biggy, Big Daddy Kane, Craig Mack, Miles Davis, and Bad Boy Records.

Spending time with Mo Bee in my office in NYC on 38th and 8th offered me the challenge to create music worth platinum. My skills were put to the test each time Mo Bee took a listen to my work. One night around 4:00 AM, my office staff went out on the 14th floor window ledge, in the name of hip-hop. The ledge was as wide as their feet and who knows how much weight the ledge could hold.

I thought if I’m ever gonna be accepted into the urban community, then I’ve gotta have some balls. Somehow I had enough bravery to climb out on the ledge with them. Mo Bee pitched a fit. He said, “I don’t want to be the cause of an old lady fallin’ to her death for the love of the game. Get the hell back in the office.” Then he offered me his hand. I was damn glad to accommodate.

That event elevated us to a new level of trust. Mo Bee got to visit me in my element on Spolar’s Acres. There he chilled; even tried cookin’ in my kitchen. That’s a no- no. He learned; in my house a guest is served. Lastly, Mo Bee is the kind of guy you don’t mind introducing to your Momma.

Mo Bee will go down in history as the beginning of a generation of rappers who became platinum by learning the art of spitting their feelings into verses, hooks, and life situations mixed with a beat. Just one of the reasons hip-hop took hold of me. I could let out my frustrations about the world in which I was cheated.