Those who eat the most whole grain, high fiber cereals are 20% to 30% as less likely to develop insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.


One slice of watermelon offers lycopene which helps some cancers and lycopene also boosts skin’s natural SPF. It is 92% water and good source of hydration. Feeling thirsty usually means you’re dehydrated. Men account for 66% of deaths caused by extreme heat according to the CDC.

Hormel Spam®

I remember how excited I got the fourth Sunday of every month. I got to eat Spam® after Sunday school for breakfast. Although, it was fairly cheap, we still couldn’t afford to eat it on a regular bases. Hormel has been around since 1937. Spam® is making a come back with new ads.

Breast Cancer – study worth taking a look at

Women putting on more than 10 pounds after the age of 18 are more likely to develop breast cancer after menopause compared to those with stable weight. Twice as likely for those who gained over 45 pound, reported a Harvard Nurse’ Health study.

Potbellies take note

A potbelly may be linked to liver damage. Fat around the middle studies show links to liver function. Bulging middles, mostly in men and past menopause women, could be linked to lung and diabetes problems. It’s time to lose weight if you got a belly.

Your Teeth and Mouth

Your teeth and mouth are getting more attention than your smile these days. UCLA researchers are working on new technology to detect diseases through saliva.

Omega-3 Energy for the Heart

Omega3, the fat in fish is like having energy for the heart and is an anti-inflammatory. It is also credited as a fat burner, found in fish like salmon, herring, tuna, sardines, and mackerel. Omega3 can also be credited to changes in the bowel behavior, muscles, DHA blood levels, weight, in conjunction with some exercise, […]

Sleep and Light

Sleeping with the smallest of dim light tells the body to stay in “awake” mode. Sleeping with a dim light jump-starts other health issues. If you disrupt the sleep cycle and don’t get the right amount, you’ll discover down the road the effects it can have. Getting enough sleep should be as important to us […]

Apple Skin

The skin of an apple has six times more antioxidants than the flesh. An apple a day is good for many things including diabetes, the heart, asthma, cancer, the memory, your teeth, and stroke. Enjoy an apple a day.

TV and Computers on Downtime

These days we have what I call a TACD (TV and Computer Downtime) sleep cycle. Light is part of our body’s sleep cycle. When I was a child and my parents got their first TV, everyone wanted to come and watch it. The kids would lie on the floor in front of it. Dad would […]