What more could a business manager of the stars want then to have a client who’s skilled in multiple arenas. Kalina is one such client skilled in engineering, as a beatmaker, has incredible writing abilities, and can also spit out a rhyme as a rapper fluently. Kalina has made beats for Video and TV specials under the direction and supervision of Ms Peggy. She sees him as an asset to any company. Under her supervision Kalina has taking his talent to another level of creativity in his mind bringing forth masterpieces in the art of musical works on keys. He has done darn every hip-hop beat on her label. Kalina is one of her most modest clients.
Ms Peggy was asked to sign him to an engineering job for a set fee in a major studio for major artist in the industry. Ms Peggy who is Kalina’s personal business manager, his recording label and his publisher, refused the offer. Ms. Peggy knows the industry well and has seen the injustices done to engineers, writers, artists, and beatmakers; she knows the value of Kalina with this much potential and knew his worth was greater than the offer she had received.
Ms Peggy has worked with Billy Haley’s Comet piano player, Joey Welz, recording musical works for TV and Movies in which she produced. Ms Peggy has worked with many major players in the industry. She is the first one to say she has been ripped off in the industry as well as the major artists which we so love. She’s also the first one to say that we all should learn from our mistakes and never repeat them.
Three cheers to Kalina for being such a multiple talented and gifted person…

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