Busta Rhymes

When Busta rhymes he keeps it raw, rough and gritty. I experienced him once in the raw. During a Treach birthday party in NYC, Busta was partying down, big time. Surrounded by his bodyguards in the VIP room, Busta leaned over the bar and ask the bartender to fill him up. A young man hollered, “ Yo, Busta! You are the bomb. You’re my favorite rapper.” He reached between the bodyguards and tapped Busta. “Yo, Busta. What’s up?” Busta swiveled in his barstool and replied, “Who invited you the fu** into my world?”

Sitting next to Busta for hours and watching the interchange I knew it was a good idea that I hadn’t tried to converse with him. There’s one thing about in the game: don’t be pushy. Stars are pushed around enough by paparazzi. It’s rare that they can hang loose in public places like Busta was doing. Busta won me over with his music – his raw, rough, and gritty rap and his mean performances.

If you hung around stars long enough you’ll learn as I to cut them slack for their actions.