L.D.G. – A Like Dat Generation™ are brothers out of Brooklyn/Queens NY. Their names are Mr. Stuff and Storm. They are known for their stage performances that cultivates a new generation. Their personal business manager Ms Peggy and record label Spolarized® Records Corp. Peggy signed them the moment she heard them spit a rhyme. Their writing skills offer an energizing presence in Hip-Hop. A Like Dat Generation of people coming together without hate. They have performed for the After Grammy Parties, Virginia Beach Party, the Black Expo, and toured in different geographical locations, and have been sponsored by multiple corporations. Their music was used in the TV series “Mt Backyard” which aired on Time Warner and also in the TV series “Beneath the Hype” and in a TV speacial on “The Wisdom of Ms Peggy.”

Slam Magazine (the Kicks issue) advertisement by Diadora Shoe Company sponsoring L.D.G. in both the October and November issues.

XXL Magazine (one of the top Hip-Hop magazines) advertisement by Diadora Shoe Company sponsoring L.D.G. in the November issue.

E Entertainment Television Channel used L.D.G. music as background music.

1998 Celebrity Basketball Classic Beacon Center Harlem L.D.G. performance.

Democratic National Convention Committee accepted L.D.G.’s music for review.

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