Scott Baker The Designer

Scott is a graphic design center for all kinds of stickers, magnets, including but not limited to billboards. Next time you’re driving on the highway and see a billboard think of Scott. A man who isn’t afraid of heights. Should you ever be at a red light and see a truck or van next to you with fancy logos spread across it, think of Scott. Scott can turn your vehicle into a moving photograph.

Scott is just the guy you want to chill with when the day has you in a tizzy. He’s trustworthy and easy to communicate with at any level. Challenge Scott to a game of golf and you‘ll see a smile from ear to ear.

Scott is a well-diversified kind of guy. He knows how to run a business and gets his hands dirty. He’s a firemen, a family man, a gentleman, and the son of a preacher. Scott put his touch on designing Spolarized® stickers. He is a multi-talented Workforce Giant!