Sue Dean of Deans & Sons

What would you say if you only knew my name and you never wine or dined in my presence and you didn’t have any relationship with any of my family members, and I walked into your office and placed my dream before you on the desk and asked you for $50,000 without any paperwork between us? Would you have believed in my dream enough to write a check at that very moment? Sue is the exception to the rule. Sue wrote the check on the spot.

People like Sue are so rare. If someone asked me the same thing I asked Sue, I’d more than likely would have gotten some form of paper work in place first. Now that I’m in business there’s a paper trail for damned near everything. Sue was charitable long before I came into her life. She is a single parent to her dogs, and loves the outdoors and sports.

She is a powerful woman behind the scenes of the workforce. As a child, she and her siblings learned the art of cabinet making from their father, the late Donald Dean. You’ve more than likely seen the cupboards they’ve manufactured at many retail stores. Sue is what I call a believer and a workforce giant.