Lyrists Lounge (formerly known as the Kolodge Project)

A group of underground legions that worked the streets for open mic nights, opened the door for hundreds of acts. In the 90’s when I hit the streets of NYC, I stumbled onto Lyricist Lounge in a hotel on 34th & 8th . It was a place you wouldn’t write home about. A secret hole in the wall that put out good joints. Anthony, Blue & Wise had a special way of making me feel like I wasn’t out of place. They gave me props as they did with every artist they met.

Many of the artists utilized the services Lyricist Lounge had to offer. Events, mixed tapes, street teams, and underground airplay were their forte. Back in the days when parties and flyers were all that you seen on the streets of NYC, these guys worked it. Blue and I got away every February and August and flew to Vegas. This photo of us was taken during an event we went to in Vegas. Lyricist Lounge is true Underground Street workin’ legions of open mic nights.