Pets, Dirt and Kissing

Pets are the image of you.

It’s time to take a look at your dog. It’s more than a coincidence says the results of a 2004 study at University of California. Our dog is a mirror of us and reflects our personalities. Our pets reflect to people what the person is really like on the end of their leash.

A trendy dog lets people know that you are as fashionable as the dog you chose. People with cats are usually happy with themselves even if there’s room for improvement and happy enough with their own beauty. Introverted people generally choose a Labrador without realizing that deep down inside they want to be more out going and be able to approach people.

There are always people such as the Spolar’s; who for some unknown reason don’t seem to fit their dog. Spolar’s hound “Social” wondered to their doorstep one cold winter night in February, homeless. She lived with them for 13 years before she lost her life to three bears.

Playing in the Dirt

Playing in the dirt with your hands may stimulate your mind. Take a big whiff of the earth says some researchers. I began to play in the dirt at five years old.

Papa Joe would send me to the garden to pick strawberries and off to the hen house for eggs. I’d wait along the road for the huckster to come along in his wagon. I’d swap my stuff for veggies we needed. Researchers found that mice that inhaled bacteria usually found the soil stressful. Bugs that love soil are thought to stimulate the release of chemicals in the brain that offer mood enhancing signals. Perhaps, playing in the soil over the years is the reason I don’t have mood swings.

Kissing 0ver the Years

As a child TB was everywhere. My parents and my grandparents insisted that I never let anyone kiss me, in any form or fashion of the word. However, over the years I’ve learned kissing encourages saliva, which lowers the levels of acid that causes decay. I always thought I missed out on something beyond TB, I just wasn’t sure what it was. Over the years I also learned I could have had less build-up of plaque. The word “French kissing” in my days meant you were a dirty girl. Today society looks at kissing differently. I’ve been at the bottom, I’m back on top, “Spolarized Smart” is what I’ve got. I enjoy kissing.