Exercise, Music and Food

The body needs exercise.

Work out whenever you can. Exercise can be done at home as easy as at a gym.

Some of the ways you can exercise are jogging outdoors or on a treadmill, perhaps aerobics while watching your favorite show. Swimming, lifting weights, any kind of workout, even stretching works.

Exercise relieves stress

What’s important to remember is exercise relieves stress. Although we seem to relax during a vacation, the return can cause more stress than before we left. Remember that a break in the workplace relieves tension. Exercise helps us through mood swings due to weather and lets us know the sun shines within us. A balance of activities. Choose activities that you enjoy. Many people enjoy reading and writing, visual arts or movie making. For some, it’s sports. Any activity will relieve stress. Spolars participate in many activities. Have a Tea Fiesta!

Let go with music…

Music and dancing is a therapeutic release of tension for this family. The different frequencies of music have emotional on heart rate, breathing, and inner self. Lullabies rhythmically have had an impact on children. Music is an activity in the brain like an orchestra playing a symphony. Our appearance, our language, and our wealth let us know our differences. However, music unites us.

Food Groups

A balance of foods. Eating small portions of healthy food prevents layer after layer of fat. If you think about it, you probably know what makes you feel yucky. Sometimes just a little fine-tuning by a physician does the trick. The mind and body needs relaxation regularly. Have a Tea Fiesta!