If you think bottled and instant teas are the same as brewed teas, think again. The US Department of Agriculture states that brewed teas offer more disease fighting amounts of antioxidant. In my childhood, women loved having tea parties. When I was a child I didn’t understand why mommy enjoyed them. Instead of preparing herself, she could have used her everyday cup and she wouldn’t have needed to get dolled up in her high heels. I just thought mommy liked to have tea with my Godmother Ann and their friend Violet. The three of them had tea parties all the time. Sometimes they would go to tea parties with lots of ladies. Each lady brought her best china or crystal cup and saucer. The ladies hoped the other ladies took note of their tea set and how lady-like they drank their tea. When I got old enough to go to tea parties with my mother, I asked her the reason behind dressing up. Mother replied, “sweetheart, it isn’t the taste of tea nor the benefits tea has to offer. Tea parties offer women a reason to use their heirloom china and crystal and remember how to be lady-like. And of course ladies dress up.”