Jell-O® and Nails

Jell-O it tastes good, it looks good, and it’s wiggly. Nails need gelatin or keratin, which is a protein. Nails hold water. If they’re full, they are soft and tend to split.

When I was very young and learning to talk, I called my fingers sombers and my toes putzies. I was too young to understand how good Jell-O was for nails. I just liked it ‘cause of the wiggle.

When I got older, I asked my mother why she didn’t mind me calling my fingers and toes the wrong name. She said, “there’s a good reason. If I seen you licking your fingers while eating I would say watch your sombers. That meant stop sucking your fingers. Use your napkin as if you were at the President’s table. If I saw you not watching where you walked, I’d say, watch you’re putzies. That meant if you want to walk in the White House you best not step in dog doody, oil, puddles, or trip and scrape your knees. No one ever knew that I was correcting you. Sometimes people would ask what the words meant. I’d laugh and say, it’s utterance to make my daughter laugh.”

I enjoy Jell-O® with my grandchildren as my grandmother did with me