Shoe Fetish

Yep one of my fetishes. Those who wear high heel shoes should ask themselves “whom am I trying to please?” One thing’s for sure: it’s not your feet! Women have more knee surgeries than men do. Why? It’s not usually ‘cause they’re playing sports; it’s because their hips are so groovy and women swing them, which puts a lot of pressure on the inside of the knee. The sooner you get knee surgery, the better, before it’s bone on bone.

How much weight do you think your toes can handle? You may look good for awhile, but you’ll be an old lady faster than ladies who aren’t making a fashion statement by wearing them. The reason is because of the twisting and maneuvering you must do to walk in the things. Lastly, manufacturers just love you for purchasing so many pairs of shoes and men love you for looking fly.