Sleep and Light

Sleeping with the smallest of dim light tells the body to stay in “awake” mode. Sleeping with a dim light jump-starts other health issues. If you disrupt the sleep cycle and don’t get the right amount, you’ll discover down the road the effects it can have. Getting enough sleep should be as important to us as eating and exercising.

Decrease sleep can also mean other medical problems. If you don’t get the sleep your body needs it could trigger stress hormones and proteins. Depression and sleep are closely linked. If the body gets to much light at night it can decrease the hormone melatonin, which protects against cancer.

Alcohol is more potent when you’re tired. Night shift workers should sleep in a completely darken room. If you’re a person who thinks you only needs 6 hours or so of sleep, think again. When you feel you’re tired do yourself a favor and take a catnap. Take a lesson from kids who seem to be able to catnap just about anywhere.