Pat the Pizza Maker

Pat is known for his generosity. Why not? He believed enough in me to open the door of The Basil Leaf Restaurant and Motel during the filming of one of my productions. Pat and his family served and catered to all the celebrities, cast and crew.

Celebrities came and went sporting SUVs and limos in and out of The Basil Leaf.

What’s even more ironic is the fact that when I asked merchants to give a charitable gift, like a dinner, a rental car, etc., to the celebrities during their stay, I was turned down by almost every merchant. Most people in this small town remained in disbelief. Pat helped me make their stay something to remember in Eastern Pa. At the time it saddened me that real generosity is so very rare.

Our film crew and my family, along with Pat, have one of the last autographs signed by the famous football player Johnny Unitas. Pat’s cuisine had a few special dishes in which Pat is the only one who knows the secret recipe. We used Pat’s catering service and cuisine for our son’s wedding. Pat did a superb job and is a Workforce Giant. Pat closed his restaurant shortly after to pursue a new venture.