The Nose

The nose can provide a strong enough smell for the brain to wake it up. It has a nerve at the very end that goes directly to the brain. Next time you look at a nose, see it for more than just a snore. Think of it as the doorknocker for the brain. How often have you asked yourself, “who passed gas?” The nose smells something, then notifies the brain to take action and clear the area. How often have you had someone walking behind you so close that you ask yourself, “why does this guy have his nose up my a**?” One thing is for sure, if you stop short and the guy bumps into you, it’s one of two things: either you don’t smell or the guy has a terrible cold. Like gas and other common mephitic smells, if you can detect an odor, your nose will notify your brain to back off or prepare for a collision. Research at Wheeling Jesuit University found that people who inhale aromas like peppermint, jasmine, rosemary, and the like can help the heart rate and blood pressure return to normal more quickly. They found flavored gums and mints stimulate the brain as well.