Karen Callier

To know her is to love her. She stands on her own two feet. She’s bold like a lion and fuzzy warm like a kitty purring. She’s a damn good single parent. Karen was a young lady when she befriended me.

I had just hit the streets of NYC and I didn’t know a soul. I had no place to live so Karen hid me in her office where I slept on her sofa. She fed me my first collard greens and took me on my first subway ride. I saw my first cockroaches. Karen beat them down with a broom so I wouldn’t be eaten. She’s smart enough to know all of NYC has them. She’s courageous enough to tell the landlord to clean it up. She led me down dangerous paths and taught me not to fear. After shi**ing my pants enough times, I finally got the hang of things.

She doesn’t tolerate bullsh*t and doesn’t except no as an option. It’s easy to see why she was in the top 10% of her class. She’s held various jobs at executive levels. She truly deserves an orchid on her desk.