Jack Rosenkrans The Contractor

When you want excavating done by someone who’s good, won’t cheat you, and who’s fair in price; the name Jack comes to mind. He has done work for our family over the years, like digging for blocks in our quarry. Although, he grew up in a small town, he learned how to not be intimidated by big machinery. He’ll put his heart into any project, and treats it as if it were his domain. I watched him grow into manhood and befriend my children.

When I first dreamed of Spolarized®, I thought of it as a musical word. I took a loan in order to pay for a studio to put my thoughts into music. In order to pay for the loan I asked everyone I knew to help me achieve my goal by buying a 10-song album for $10.00. On the way home from the studio I passed Jack on his dozer. I jumped from my car and ran towards him. Jack stopped the machine and asked what I wanted. I said, “$10.00 for my dream. Although it struck him funny, he asked no questions. Grabbed $10.00 from his pocket and I handed him the CD.