Generation of Changes

I was born before the baby boomer, between 1946 and 1994. As a young child I chose to have my own identity rather than follow the crowd. I didn’t think like the baby boomers that it was cool to belong to the Mickey Mouse Club. However, I did adore Elvis. I wasn’t smart enough to jump on my dad’s Harley Davidson cycle and go with my parents to the first Woodstock. I was however, smart enough not to smoke after viewing cigarette ads everywhere.

I was as dumb founded as baby boomers to the word Vietnam, until my husband got drafted. I’ll always remember where I was when President Kennedy was assassinated. I was glad I was born before the hola-hoop and that I wasn’t expected to use one. It was bad enough watching my little girl trying to learn it. I was thankful when “Leave it to Beaver” got replaced on TV.

The next generation between 1965 and 1977 offered me the movie E.T, which I could totally relate to, since my twin boys were diagnosed with ESP. Grunge offered something different, however, I chose to hit the floor with my dance moves to Madonna.

I’ve enjoyed many of the things since 1978 and after. I have such as convenience. The TV remote-controller kept my children busy switching stations and arguing over what to watch between commercials. My telephone was replaced with a keypad and I saved for my first microwave. New technology seemed so exciting. I felt bad when the World Trade Center got attached. Children’s school loans and credit card debts were more than my husband’s yearly slavery. I was thankful that I paid for everything with cash.

I couldn’t understand why I’d ever need a computer, a cell phone, or a double garage for a second car. My children and I loved dancing to the 80’s music. There’s one thing that I’ve been able to count on through generation changes is recycled clothing. I save most of my clothing and wait it out, till the style comes back again.

Discover what is around you.

The time spent outdoors can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and stimulate the mind.

Visit beautiful natural places. Search for flower gardens and evergreen forests. Don’t forget some manmade structures, such as bridges, can have unconfined beauty. Discover the power of beauty – it comes in many different forms.

Off the Beaten Path

Search for creative paths to tour. Notice the many shapes and sizes of logs laying on the ground around you. The clusters of dark green ferns tickle your legs as you walk through them…

Plucking flower petals, putting them in your pocket, filling an empty jar for a sweet smelling potpourri – a sent of nature in your home.

Explore the growth of a seed, while it eventually turns into a veggie garden. Identify weeds and creepy crawlers. Sit by the edge of a creek; listen as it cleanses the rocks beneath.