Gary Horn is A Workforce Giants

Long before Gary knew the Spolars, he enjoyed the workplace. I met him when he was working at our local jail. After many years working at the jail, Gary had a change of heart. He headed out the door across the street to our local post office.

Like all postal workers you can be sure they know a hell of a lot about all of us. What we read, what we buy and what bills we have to pay. Gary works for the boss as if it were his own business. His love for cooking and food led him to help those in need of his serves. It’s nothing to see him stirring kettles of stew.

When I began filming, Gary came to the casting call. Although acting was a new venture in his life he is truly a natural. When Gary wasn’t acting he was my assistant on the set. He made the crew laugh many times. Gary is what you’d call a labor of love for the workplace.