Almost everyone I know is on Facebook. Millions of users befriended the Facebook web site and marketed it to become the premier social networking and emailing center it is today. What happens when you sign up and click “OK I agree to the rules?” Bet you thought the rules couldn’t change? Users it seems expected Facebook to offer them electronic privacy. Users uploaded photos from weekend parties, coed strip beer pong tournaments, and used unsuitable language.

Facebook and other web site companies change the fine print, using such words as, “the way we see fit.” Yikes. It is enough to make users cringe when they see their mug shot plastered all over the Internet. Believe it or not our errant emails, risqué photos, even credit card numbers have a way of escaping into cyberspace. When we press “send,” we may be giving our sh** away forever. We need to realize that our privacy can be gone forever.