Dreamakers Kustoms

Upstate NY has a lot of wildlife and it also has a savage body shop called Dreamakers Kustoms. It takes an untamed mind eager to come up with countless new extravagant designs and ideas for cars, trucks and hummers. Dreamakers is an automotive leader in makeovers.

It’s neat to watch a set of wheels roll into the shop and go through a custom body shaving, headlight and taillight conversions, suspension and hydraulic setups, and fiberglass and enclosure changes. Watching a savage beast pull out of the shop is a thrill.

Watching these guys work is just as exciting. The team works hand in hand to complete a Dreamakers Kustoms job ready to enter shows. They also handle parts and makeovers for resale. If you’re looking for a car, car parts, or perhaps a new animal in your driveway, this shop is worth checking out. It may seem to you as if one custom car shop is better than another. Wrong… Custom car shops are either good or bad. Money makes the difference between one beast and another rollin’ out of a good shop.

Dreamakers doesn’t forget the interior. The interior gets a makeover matching the exterior. It’s nothing to drive into the shop and hear stereo systems vibrating the walls and pavement outside. Who would complain about a group this productive in society? These guys got it together when it comes to being a fulfillment center in the automotive arena. Three cheers to the essence of orange, a one of a kind modification of a magnificent beast worth driving…