Diadora Shoes Company

When you think of a shoe being around for fifty years Diadora should come to mind, an Italian footwear manufacturer. Diadora ask the consumer their opinion. The company has always been dedicated to the quality of the shoe.

I however, go a step further with the company. If you ever want to work with a wonderful staff, you’ll want to meet this group of people, who are there to serve you. And if you want to meet two straight up guys, who have a sense of humor dealing with business ethics, it would be Bill and Ed. I first met Ed working the No-Limit line for Master P. I was as impressed then as I am today with his charisma.

Diadora has sponsored a number of celebrities such as Nelly, DJ Kid Capri, Flip, among others. They’ve sponsored our Artists, Olive Alive and Like Dat. If you haven’t checked out a Diadora shoe lately, you should. Photo’s by PS Design © 2000