Daniel James the Tailor

My grandson and I had the privilege of befriending a tailor named Daniel James. We were delighted to have dinner with him, so much so that the dinner lasted six hours. Daniel isn’t the average tailor; he dresses presidents, and high society. He is from the LA area but we met in Vegas.

daniel james tailorClothing and how a person dresses was something that was taught to me as a child from my grandma Mary. Strolling while holding my hand through the streets of Philly on the way to Auntie Sharp’s house, my grandma would say, “look ahead of you and tell me what you see.” I’d say, “I see a man in a suit whose coat hangs longer in the front than the back.” Grandma would say, “the tailor more than likely thought he was good, but as you see, child, he wasn’t. When a man walks bent over the suit will be longer in the front. The tailor probably told him to stand up straight and for once in his life he did. The man wasn’t a man who cared about walking tall or the suit would fit right. There’s always an answer child why a person walks the way he does. When a man dresses for an occasion his choice of tie will let you know how he’ll express himself at the occasion.”

Likewise, how a woman dresses is important. It is the reflection of her personality.

The night with Daniel was a new learning experience for my grandson, one that he truly enjoyed. Meeting Daniel was exciting for me, too, because it brought back my childhood days with my grandma.

Daniel explained that, by the president’s choice of tie Daniel knew what the American president’s speech would be like before he spoke. Daniel talked about how he knew what President Bush was going to say by the color of his tie. We talked about how a person’s clothing defines the person he portray. Daniel and I have a lot in common. We both study clothing and a person’s choice of color. My grandma taught me that a lot can be surmised when the clothing or the shoes don’t fit the wearer, with or without a tailor. If you dressed as many people as Daniel or had a grandma like mine, perhaps you too would be observant of the clothing people choose to wear and why. Three cheers to this tailor…