Business Trash

The Bush years drove the economy to the point that there were piles of trash, or junk, or sh**, dumped on the lap of the American people and President Barack Obama. I think of two 18-wheelers ready to clean up what was left behind. Republicans and Democrats tossing junk. Everyone knows a team effort gets the job done quicker.

President Obama understands he was elected because the voters wanted someone to clean up the mess this country is in. What better way than to roll up your sleeves and fill an 18-wheeler full of trash? It would have been nice for Bush to get some of his party to at least push the trash to the curb for clean up by the next elected team. A truck driver treats his 18-wheeler rig as if it were his friend. As amazing as it seems, a truck driver would tell you that it takes a little effort to fill a rig.

Perhaps it never dawned on Bush to roll over in bed and ask the librarian next to him what the hell is junk? Here are just a few terms for junk: heaps of trash, waste, metal, scrap, junk with and without nutritional value, undesirable material, environmental junk, organisms, high-yield debit junk, investment grades, hard and soft drug junk, plastics, food and organic material, landfills, toxic junk, human health junk, educational junk, pollution, semi-synthetics, industrial waste, natural capital, energy, foreign substances, natural substances, water and water purification by-products, intelligent design, raw materials, petroleum extraction, agriculture, geological, minerals, resource junk, oil and timber junk, world economics, and military.

Is it possible that a person may identify the words trash or junk only as talk? That would explain why an 18-wheeler never got filled and the American people are sitting with piles of trash.