If anyone knows broccoli, it sure as heck is me. Broccoli plants have been my sidekicks for 50 years. As if human, the broccoli seem to know what I expect of them: performance. Although it’s a seasonal veggie and my growing season is short, I know what the plants can produce regardless of the weather. Many veggies do not mature fast enough to be plentiful in short seasons. I learned that if I give my broccoli what they expect of me, the gardener, they feed my ego for being good to them. To me it seemed somewhat like a human trait. The Journal of Food Science reported that nuking veggies offers more vitamins. Microwaving preserves more than 90% of cancer-fighting nutrients. Nutrients leach into the water, which gets discarded. Wouldn’t the normal person realize this when the water looks greener than the broccoli? It’s harder getting used to the fact that my sidekicks all summer would be eaten that winter by my family so they could stay healthy.