Black Music Conference Expo

Black Music Conference Expo

Plan to join Peggy Spolar an industry leader, businesswoman, market strategist, producer, and the inventor of “The New Download Distribution System” at the Black Music Conference Expo on August 20th at the Mirage Hotel in a very special seminar designed to help artists find financial independence.

Discover how the SECC system has the ability to open multiple operating systems during transactions in cyber space and stop fraud. Learn how this new technology tracks every transaction the moment it happens and sends notification instantly to everyone involved in the exchange of revenue. It’s the first time in history where a production company knows the actual movie goers who made the box office hit. The first time an artist know who read their book. It’s the first time in history where the sponsor of an event knows the names of those who attended and at sport events everyone in the bleachers. The first time manufacturers know who’s wearing their trademark products. Brilliant…. Spolar is the personal business manager of the stars.

The creator of the trademarks Spolarized®, and Legally Loaded™. If you’re ready for financial independence and want to take your product/music/book/game/or a movie to the next level, Spolar has the download system to achieve your goal. Strategize with an expert the mos effective way to increase your chances for success.

WHO IS PEGGY SPOLAR: The untold story of an old American Bandstand girl cheated out of her musical work as a child. She grew to be an electrical energized woman who beat the odds. Born a rocker blessed by the urban community to take it to the top spit’in a rhyme. She discovered a way to change the corrupt system in which we live; where DJs, promoters, artists, filmmakers, and the like, won’t be cheated out of the cheddar owned them. She is an inventor in technology, which is a very rare accomplishment for a woman.

Peggy Spolar in the Raw…
It’s time to Flip Dollars with Scholars and Spread the Word Music has Value! Stand to your feet as a Masterpiece Against Corruption. Lock it down in rotation across the nation for all generations, when you’re Downloaded Coded Legally Loaded™ the artist knows ya. Be The Entrepreneur Next Door™ you put money back into society and help take down a corrupt system of cheating artists, filmmakers, authors, and the like, out of cheddar, illegal downloads, fraud and theft.

Artist Alert!!! Free Distribution Opportunities at the Las Vegas Black Music Awards
Peggy Spolar will present a special work shop for all artists to attend on Saturday August 20th at 1pm Mirage Hotel Calypso Room.

Attend this one hour and a half seminar hosted by the Legendary Peggy Spolar, Peggy will be signing up any artist who need major distribution. Go to