Beware Sucker

Studies by the University of Illinois show the name of dessert influences the sale of a product. A desert doesn’t need to taste better than another desert. The name alone will sell a desert. Example: regular Chocolate Cake named Double Chocolate or Black Forest will suggest that it is better. Studies also show when the […]

World War II and Short Skirts

During World War II fabric was rationed. Women came up with the idea that shortening the length of skirts during hard times wasn’t such a bad thing. They realized it could lure men while their sweethearts were at war. Since ladies only wore skirts, the only choice they had during the war was to wear […]


If you think bottled and instant teas are the same as brewed teas, think again. The US Department of Agriculture states that brewed teas offer more disease fighting amounts of antioxidant. In my childhood, women loved having tea parties. When I was a child I didn’t understand why mommy enjoyed them. Instead of preparing herself, […]

Jell-O® and Nails

Jell-O it tastes good, it looks good, and it’s wiggly. Nails need gelatin or keratin, which is a protein. Nails hold water. If they’re full, they are soft and tend to split.