DUB Lifestyle Automotive Magazine

If you’re looking for a magazine with some class the automotive industry and hot wheels, then it’s time you check out DUB. These guys are everywhere with handouts of the magazine, usually sporting a hot set of wheels with speakers playing the latest sh**. Girls, if you want to meet some nice guys, belly up […]

Dreamakers Kustoms

Upstate NY has a lot of wildlife and it also has a savage body shop called Dreamakers Kustoms. It takes an untamed mind eager to come up with countless new extravagant designs and ideas for cars, trucks and hummers. Dreamakers is an automotive leader in makeovers.


If you have bought clothing with brand labels and you enjoy their logo spread across your back, then more than likely you’ve worn clothing made by BrandSmart. The head man who makes it all happen is named Roa. He stays on top of things and works closely with each manufacturer to ensure the clothing is […]

Aerial7 Headsets

The headset you choose is important to protect your ears. Moreover, the quality of the sound is what makes the room go round without using drugs or alcohol to get high. In Vegas I met Seth, the fellow behind Aerial7. He placed a headset on my head and instantly I told him to crank it […]


Call him what you will, to know him is to love him as a Workforce Giant. Over the last ten years he and I have over come the demanding challenges that are associated with musicians. RANDEZE is an over achiever, a skilled musician, with a great ear for mastering. Better than most so called professionals […]

Daniel James the Tailor

My grandson and I had the privilege of befriending a tailor named Daniel James. We were delighted to have dinner with him, so much so that the dinner lasted six hours. Daniel isn’t the average tailor; he dresses presidents, and high society. He is from the LA area but we met in Vegas.

Cheryl Painter

Believe it or not this police officer is married to an officer. When her shift is done she steps out of her uniform and into a painter’s smock at the end of the day. Cheryl is self-taught. She conquered the art of body painting. She’s more than great at what she does. Her work is […]

A team of textile Workforce Giants

They say two heads are better than one, in this case I say three gets the job done. I’ve known these guys for years. I see this crew several times a year between convention, events, or at the VIP lounges. Olive Alive interviewed Willie, the guy on the right hand side of the picture for […]

Lyrists Lounge (formerly known as the Kolodge Project)

A group of underground legions that worked the streets for open mic nights, opened the door for hundreds of acts. In the 90’s when I hit the streets of NYC, I stumbled onto Lyricist Lounge in a hotel on 34th & 8th . It was a place you wouldn’t write home about. A secret hole […]

Scott Baker The Designer

Scott is a graphic design center for all kinds of stickers, magnets, including but not limited to billboards. Next time you’re driving on the highway and see a billboard think of Scott. A man who isn’t afraid of heights. Should you ever be at a red light and see a truck or van next to […]