Sedwick & Cedar

When it comes to old school hip-hop from the early 70s and how it all began, think of the Sedwick & Cedar block in New York. When you think of Kool Herk, think of the Sedwick & Cedar clothing line, which says it all. At Magic, Kool Herk shows his stuff in style at his […]

Kids Got to Eat

Malik is a neat young man who created Kids Got to Eat. He handles business like a professional and is a client. If there’s something happening Kids Got to Eat will be there. It’s easy to remember this TV/production outfit if you remember what it was like to play blocks when you were a kid. […]

Gary Horn is A Workforce Giants

Long before Gary knew the Spolars, he enjoyed the workplace. I met him when he was working at our local jail. After many years working at the jail, Gary had a change of heart. He headed out the door across the street to our local post office.

Brown Twins

Brown Twins Perhaps you’ve seen these guys in magazines, at conventions or on Rickie Lake. As my clients these guys are workforce models. They put every bit of energy into a runway with every step and every routine flawless. It’s nothing to see the Brown Twins working out new routines after a hard day so […]

Antonia Owner of Bannerz & Signz

Meeting Antonio you’ll notice right out the gate, a young man with big dreams. Antonio is a man who opens his own doors. I met him when his son was born. Now his son is the same age as Antonio was when I met him. Like many of us, Antonio trusted people, who in turn […]

Pat the Pizza Maker

Pat is known for his generosity. Why not? He believed enough in me to open the door of The Basil Leaf Restaurant and Motel during the filming of one of my productions. Pat and his family served and catered to all the celebrities, cast and crew.

Tommy’s Texas Hots (The Hotdog)

How many people can say they’ve eaten in an old fashioned tour bus turned into a Texas Hot Dog experience? If you knew Tommy like I know Tommy, you’d be working as a waitress serving around 3:00 AM. You’d be yelling at him, “Fried eggs over easy” – for each of the 300 screaming people […]

Jack Rosenkrans The Contractor

When you want excavating done by someone who’s good, won’t cheat you, and who’s fair in price; the name Jack comes to mind. He has done work for our family over the years, like digging for blocks in our quarry. Although, he grew up in a small town, he learned how to not be intimidated […]

B. Sharp Studio

Bobbie is an artist who presents portraits in paint on glass… colors that convey an array of depth above the subjects. Bobbie works with lucid panorama pieces as a configuration of earth’s runway to the stars. It takes many pieces to bring each star to his or her potential and each star has left an […]