Back in the 90’s when Ms Peggy hit the Street she met up with a guy who called himself World. Of course he was doing what he does best Rappin’. It doesn’t matter if he’s on a stage in a club or in a booth in the convention center in Vegas, you can hear his flava and know his grind. Many moons ago I ask World to lay his grind on a hook with one of my artist. He popped his head in the studio and I handed him the lyrics for the hook. He stepped to the mike and bingo; he put his flava down in a blink. I gave him a check and he was out. You can’t get better then an artist who doesn’t complain or try to change something about the beat, the rhythm, or the mix. World does the job he’s hired to do and then you hear him say, we all good, sweet… I’m out… And if you want a marketing guy; World is the man.

livy-worldWorldarama BIO:

Worldarama was born into this, since a very young age I’ve been in love with my culture (hiphop) and since I’ve been able to realize what this game was i couldn’t ignore it. From a toddler I’ve been pop lockin, breakdancin and freestylin. It was hard to believe that i was so good at such a young age but thats why its so natural to me now. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens i had the best of both worlds being grimy, flashy, aggressive and humble at the same time, it worked to my benefit but it also got me in alot of trouble. I feel blessed to still be here cause alot of my friends i grew up wit didn’t make it or will never see the light of day again. So i’m like the last of the mohegans (real dude!). After going through a life of trouble i decided to make sure i would be successful in this business and thats why i grind so hard. Fast forwarding to the present I’m now a proud dad of 3 sons and an uncle to 5 nieces and 2 nephews and they all look up to me and i do this for them cause they’ll keep the families legacy going on for generations to come. With that being said you will understand why my music is so life like, cause its my life experiences poured into my songs and webasodes to visually show you how hard i grind. This means alot more to me than people know but i don’t let my passion cloud my vision from making sure i take care of my responsibilities. Currently working full time on my rap career and co Ceo of Grindhard productions its safe to say that I’m on my way to fulfilling my destiny. There’s really not much more i can say after getting so personal with everyone through the cyber world so just listen to my music and you will see what i mean. Sincerely, Worldarama aka The HOTH! (head of the household)